We are a small family farm located in Sierra Valley, California in the North Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  This has been a family owned and operated farm since 1979!  Sierra Valley which is at 5,000 ft. Elevation is the largest Alpine Valley in North America.

Our Valley has a surface area similar to Lake Tahoe, California which is about 45 miles south of our ranch. Less than 10% of the valley is farmed and most of that is hay for cows and horses.

With our cold night temperatures and dry climate we produce some of the highest quality and greenest hay to be found anywhere in the country.

At our farm,which was established in 1979,  we raise Timothy
Hay, Alfalfa Hay, Grass Alfalfa,  Mixed Hay,  Orchard grass and Oat Hay. In the past we sold most of our alfalfa hay to dairies, now we sell to local ranchers and horse owners;  as well as shipping our hay around the country for small pets to enjoy.

We started selling our hay online to small pet owners in 2009 when Bob had this great idea that small pets would love our hay!  All the hay above is now available for rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea pigs, prairie dogs,  and many other small herbivores.

Our fully enclosed barn can hold over 500 tons of hay.  I know we can supply all your animals hay needs year round.

Give our hay to your pets they will love you for it!
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Range of Light Ventures was created because Bob is a man of ideas.  Bob became a building contractor at the age of 24, and builds houses in the winter/summer, all of them designed and built by him.  He bought a farm at the age of 26 and taught himself to grow alfalfa, the farm has now been in the family for 29 years, and we grow more than just alfalfa.  Since the farm was only a summer job, he continues to build and design. Range of Light Construction.com

We have always sold our hay to local horse, sheep, llama, beef cow, and diary cow owners, and now we are expanding to internet sales this year.  You can now buy boxes of hay for your small pets and have it delivered to your door.   

Bob has had so many business ideas, and become a man of so many different trades that he needed more than just his construction company which was Range of Light Construction.   Bob liked the original name of his company so much that he just added Ventures on the end so he could keep all his ideas, companies, and ventures under one name.   

The Macey Ranch Barn, stores lots of alfalfa, timothy, & oat hay!
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Macey Ranch
Loyalton, California
Phone: 1-800-421-6369
Fax: (530) 993-4337(call ahead)
email- sierravalleyhay@gmail.com