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Mountain Mist (Timothy)- This is excellent feed for your mature rabbits, chins, guineas, prairie dogs, and other herbivores.  It is low in calcium so your rabbits teeth and nails do not overgrow. It is also a coarser hay that keeps your pet occupied chewing, which also helps with keeping teeth in check.  Timothy has large cattail heads that animals will find very tasty.

Green Goodness (Alfalfa Hay)- Alfalfa is great for your growing young rabbits, chins, guineas, and other herbivores.  There is more nutrition than any of the other hay types, it is high in calcium and protein.
Animals being bred would also benefit from this hay.

Sierra Sunshine (Oat Hay)- Oats are great to mix in with your other hay or feed for a treat.  Your pets will love finding the little seeds!  You can also use the leftover as bedding. We recently discovered at the ARBA convention that oats are also good for rabbits who have an upset stomach, or who are not eating anything else.

Sunset Sweetness Timothy 2nd Cut- This is a great alternative to Mountain Mist.  It is the second cutting of the season which means the hay will be a softer feed.  The timothy will have smaller stems and leaves which will make it easier for your rabbits, chins, guineas, and other small pets to chew.

Valley Flavorful (Orchard Grass/Alfalfa)- This is a mix of 2nd cutting Orchard grass and Alfalfa. It is a very green hay with fine blades of grass and leafy alfalfa

(NEW) Moonlight Munchies (Orchard Grass) 1st Cutting- This is a first cutting of Orchard grass that is similar to 1st cutting Timothy hay.  It has broom shaped seed heads and long stems that are 1-2ft. long. It is very leafy with longer pieces of hay than 2nd cutting.

Hawk Haven (Orchard Grass) 2nd Cut-  This is a 2nd Crop cutting of Orchard Grass.  It has a fine bladed grass that is very similar to Timothy hay.  It is a very green hay with no seed stems, just grass.   You can feed this to your rabbits in place of Timothy hay for a change, they will love it.  The Orchard Grass field is favorite of Red-Tailed Hawks to hunt in after we cut our hay.

(NEW) Last Chance Timothy 3rd Cutting-  The 3rd cutting of Timothy is not something we have every year, but we have it now. Its a short hay with no seed heads (looks like a grass). Your pets will love it you should give it a try! 

Carrots, Mint Leaves and Willow Stick Chews- These are all grown on our farm as well, and make great treats for your pets.  Our customers love all 3 especially the carrots which is our newest item. We grow and dry the carrots right out of the ground, and the mint and willow are picked when you order your box to ensure freshness.

For more information about our hay growing process please see the Hay Info page.

All of our hay types can be fed to your rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs & other herbivores.
Hay is a very important part of your pet's diet. It should be fed daily and in most cases should be fed more than pellets. Often rabbits and other small animals get fed too much pellets and treats.  
These hays can be mixed together for variety and optimal nutrition.

Store the hay in a cool, dry place, and allow it to breathe.  It will last in our packaging or a closeable box for many months.
Sierra Valley Hay
All of our hay is grown, cut, baled, and packaged by us.

Hay is an essential part of every animals diet.
Other small Animals
Guinea Pig

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Here are some common questions we get we'll try to answer them the best we can. Please email or call if you have a different question.

  • Do your prices include shipping?
Yes, the price you see is the price to get a box of hay to your front door. We want 
you to know the full price you're paying right away, but this means we have to
have east and west prices because the shipping does go up quite a bit.
  • How long will a box feed my rabbits or other pets?
A 20 lb box can feed two rabbits for about 2 months, and yes the hay will stay fresh even longer.
  • Which hay should I feed to my rabbit?
Your rabbit would probably like each of our types of hay, ours do, but see our 
small animal page for more detailed information on this.
  • How long does the hay stay fresh?
For at least 6 months and can last for over a year if you keep it dry and cool.
Order now and your rabbit will still be loving it months later.
  • Can I email or call SVPH with a special request?
Of course! We would love to here your need no matter how weird you think it is. And usually we can box up that special box just for you.